Terms of Business:


  • All prices per ft are based on LOA, rounded-up to nearest imperial foot, unless otherwise stated.
  • A minimum charge based on LOA of 18ft applies.
  • All Prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT unless otherwise stated. Any VAT charged will be at the rate ruling at the time of invoice.
  • Services prefixed with * indicates a minimum charge based on 18ft. LOA.
  • Services prefixed with indicates Payment quarterly in advance.
  • Services prefixed with indicates Payment for season in advance.
  • Services prefixed with indicates that VAT is not applicable.
  • Payment for Moorings accepted by Cheque only, all other Services by Cheque or any major Credit Card.
  • Payment in full will be required within 14 days from date of invoice, or prior to the vessel leaving the Yard within this period.
  • Storage and Moorings subject to availability.
  • Subject to express agreement to the contrary, all transactions, verbal, written, facsimile or email are accepted on the understanding that our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business shall apply to each and every transaction, a copy of which can be viewed/obtained from the Yard Office.
  • For reasons of safety, Shoring and Mast down are obligatory for all single keel boats without cradles.

– This tariff is subject to change without notice –